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Toronto Jinenkan Training Group is an affiliate of Jinenkan Ottawa, under Dojo Cho Andrew Keyworth. Sensei Keyworth is a personal student of Kancho Fumio Manaka.



















Established in 2017, Toronto Jinenkan Training Group is the only Jinenkan affiliated training group in Toronto and the GTA. Our focus is the propagation of Manaka Sensei's teachings, as well as the modern application and study of these old arts. Every student at Toronto Jinenkan Training Group will be introduced to the official Jinenkan curriculum, as well as the Takamatsu-Den arts in general. With over seven decades of experience among our group leaders alone, Toronto Jinenkan Training Group is a place of serious study, whilst still maintaining an open, friendly, and ego free environment. Our group attracts members across the spectrum, from complete beginners to seasoned martial artists. Both children and adults are welcome to participate.


Please take a moment to get acquainted with our group leaders.

Daniel Michael Dees

Daniel has been studying the international warrior arts for over thirty years, having trained and taught both nationally and abroad. With extensive former experience in both private security and private investigations, Daniel has sought out the practical application of traditional arts, and has taught both amateur and professional fighters alike, as well as military and law enforcement. Daniel is currently the head MMA instructor at a major Canadian University, and a full time martial arts instructor for a variety of academies.

Daniel has been involved in the Takamatsu-Den arts for well over two decades, and has trained extensively in the Genbukan (Soke Shoto Tanemura), and currently runs a Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan training group under Dojo Cho Andrew Keyworth. Daniel has been fortunate enough to train in Japan with Kancho Fumio Manaka (Jinenkan).

Daniel has been involved in the art of Kenpo for well over a decade, having studied with many of the Masters and Grandmasters of its system. Daniel currently works with Prof. Barker, a highly regarded Master in his own right who has pursued Kenpo in unfathomable detail. Kenpo has also allowed Daniel to pursue others arts such as Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut (Sifu Leung Yum Gung), and Bak Mei Quan (Sifu Kris Erwin), both arts which Daniel has assisted in instructing. Daniel's striking abilities have allowed him to work with multiple Boxing, Muay Thai, and Sanda champions.

Daniel is also an avid practitioner of Hapkido, currently studying privately with Grandmaster Cha Dong Chol, and has enjoyed close personal correspondence and access to his theories and practice. It has been Grandmaster Cha's detailed instruction and academic focus on anatomy that has pushed Daniel's understanding of body manipulation to a greater level. Daniel furthers his studies in grappling through training in BJJ (Alex Jeffrey / Zenith Jiu Jitsu / Prof. Robert Drysdale Affiliate), Sumo (Sumo USA), and Catch Wrestling under Yuki Ishikawa. Daniel has had the privilege and honor of training and doing seminar tours with Yuki Ishikawa, direct student of Karl Gotch. Daniel promotes skill and knowledge of every range in combat. Finally, Daniel supplements his training regime with Chi Kung work, having worked with legendary practitioners such as Helen Wu, daughter of legendary Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping, and others.



Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell has been studying and teaching the martial arts for over forty years. Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Commissioned Officer in both Infantry and Signals, it was there that Larry continued studying both traditional arts as well as modern combatives. Larry has had the privilege of teaching combatives courses within the Canadian Armed Forces. Larry has furthered his martial education by studying throughout the world, including Europe, Israel, Philippines, and Japan. He has been a personal student of four headmasters during his studies. He has studied extensively in Wushu, Japanese Jujutsu, and a number of Filipino Martial systems. In later years, he has focused on Kenjutsu, and has studied Katori Shinto Ryu, Ono Ha Itto Ryu, and Yagyu Shinkage Ryu.

He has collected eleven teaching ranks in various systems. At the moment, his focus is Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan. Larry has also trained and taught extensively for both the Bujinkan (Soke Masaaki Hatsumi), as well as the Genbukan (Soke Shoto Tanemura).

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